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By Draknalor Loft on July 3, 2017

I'm really enjoying Stormblood. It has the a great story, dungeon content, boss encounters, and pvp the game has seen thus far. It's all around amazing.

I get that some people got turned off by the combat. It's still hard for me to play games like FFXIV after being used to WoW's polished movement and combat mechanics for so long. Something about FF's combat that doesn't feel right at home, despite also being tab-targetting. Once you get to level 50-70 it gets significantly better in regards to story and combat though. There's less "filler" content and there's enough skills to press while you're waiting for the 2.5 GDC.


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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Reviewed by Draknalor Loft on . Score: 80